Yes we’re having fun yet (DevLog #7)

Gonna get a bit retrospective here.

I’ve been a gamer all my life. As a kid it was board games (which are still cool) but despite living below the poverty line, I scored one of the pong consoles and I was hooked from that moment forward.

When I graduated high school, my mom asked me to pick anything (that she could afford!) as a gift. I picked an Atarti 2600. My best friend at the time derided my choice, informing me that I was now an adult and wondering why I’d want a toy.

I’ve been in the tech field my whole life, and even worked for a game company that had some moderate success before dying due to financial woes. I love coding so much that I always have at least one side project going. I flirted with game development as my side-gig over the years, but I always chickened out… I thought it was going to be too hard.

Now that I’ve dug in a bit, I know… being successful at it (commercially) would be hard as hell! But for me, “successful” has been seeing (and hearing) the results of my efforts on the screen. Technically, yes, it’s a challenge, but I love technical challenges.

This video is just a celebration… a moment of borderline gleefulness as I realize I’m finally doing it.


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