Open World (DevLog #1)

Like every other wannabe indie game developer, I’ve struggled with which engine to use. In the process, I’ve spent time with several of the major players. For whatever reason, Unity has been my favorite from early on, and it was almost a no-brainer right up until their recent pricing-change fiasco.

Nevertheless, here I am, starting out the dev log with Unity. (Wish me luck!)

I’ve done dozens of tutorials in Unreal Engine, Unity, Godot, Gamemaker, and PyGame. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road, however; it’s time to code some stuff. I recently ran across a series of tutorials starting with this one, Build a beautiful 3D open world in 5 minutes | Unity from spaderdabomb. I wrote my first computer program forty years ago, but you don’t have to have been in the game nearly as long as I have to know that you never code from scratch what you can copy from others who are willing to share.

The video that you see below is about 90% just me working my way through the first and (I think) part of the second in this series. There was never a plan to follow these tutorials by the letter but just to get me going down the path, so you can expect to see me straying from the path in the next few posts.


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