Networking 101 (Devlog #8)

It’s not all glitz and glam (okay, so it’s almost never glitz or glam) when you’re learning game development.

Even though I’m not sure what—if anything—this is all leading to, I know network connectivity will likely be a part of it.

I’ve heard that networking in Unity is hard, but I knew nothing of it. I found a tutorial that used Mirror but this site’s tutorials almost always end in failure for me and this time was no exception. I did some searching and landed on the instructions for Unity’s own Networking for GameObjects (NGO). I did some reading and then dove into their “Getting Started” section.

By the end, I’d gotten the tutorial project working and sort of half-way understood it as well. Along the way I also took some side-trips, making a build that ran successfully on a Linux server (for future reference!)

Nothing exciting here unless you’re thinking more about possibilities than products. Right now, I’m just making sure I can do all of the important basics.



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