Devlogs #11 and #12 – From Builders to 3rd Person Shooting

I love 4X and builder games, and I know whatever I make – if and when I make a “real” game – will have those elements. I spent some time recently figuring out how to place buildings on a 3D terrain map and it was harder than it looks.

I also wanted to round out some more of my character animation knowledge, and I spent a lot of time with that over the past few days. In the process, I played around with some ideas that I’d had for a learning game, one where I populate one of my previous sci-fi landscapes with bad-ass robot dudes who are hunting you from the darkness of the trees and high grasses. These are also the first two videos where I talked, and my mic needs to be jacked a lot (I suggest using YouTube’s subtitles!)


Devlog #11 – Building Placement

Devlog #12 – Looking Ahead

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